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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 67 - Episode Duscae

Don's been to Italy, but don't worry, he won't mention it every 5 minutes or anything.

News this week features such stories as Rainbow Six: Siege's launch date and launch platforms; Lego: Jurassic World being released in the surprisingly near future; Divinity: Original Sin coming to consoles; Guillermo Del Toro's reaction to Silent Hills getting cancelled, and a shitload more! Including early trickles of E3 related news.

Don's return brings with it the return of a classic feature: Tea For Two. A small chat about charms of a bygone era, discussed in no more than the time it takes to gulp down a lovely, warm cuppa. Have your kettles at the ready.

Then in What Have We Been Playing, this week has been all about one game: The Witcher 3. Anyone who's anyone has been playing it, and that even extends to one of us simpletons on this very podcast. But is it living up to the hype for a certain podcast host? And there was a new Destiny expansion this week, which means we legally have to let Don talk about Destiny for a few weeks. See that up there, there's an 'X' in the top right corner of the page. Go for it. Nobody would blame you...

Yep, a few weeks worth of new Destiny talk from Don. May Shigeru Miyamoto have mercy on our souls.

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 67 - Episode Duscae


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 66 - Multiple Choice

Donald (Donovan? Donte? Doncan?) is still away on holiday so we call in Dave Ellery once again to help us deliver you the good word on all things gaming.

In News this week it's been all but confirmed that we'll be getting a juicy Fallout 4 trailer at E3; a trailer for the new London-based Assassin's Creed has hit; the Witcher 3 has done extremelt well on preorders; and we've gotten our hands on more details regarding Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. All this plus a raft of Nintendo news and even some squidgy boobs! News is the place to be.

In a first for the podcast, it's Gareth vs. Rob in a quest to be crowned "Best At Picking From 4 Available Answers." There can only be one winner: You, the audience.

Finally in What Have We Been Playing, we talk about State of Decay and an indie game for PC called A Story About My Uncle (guess which of us played that.)

Next week is the epic return of Don... So savour this episode while you can. Listen to it twice. Thrice. Four times a podcast!

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 66 - Multiple Choice


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 65 - Dave New World

Don's away from the podcast for a few weeks, galavanting around the globe on his holidays, so we've brought back Dave Ellery to fill in! But will his gossip be as industry-shattering as Don's?...

In news this week we talk about the specifics of Arkham Knight's DLC slate; what the best selling game's in the UK have been this past few weeks; The Last Of Us: Left Behind getting its own seperate release; Oculus Rift's announced launch window; plus an off-the-cuff prediction from last week turned out to be 100% accurate! All that and absolutely LOADS more in this week's news.

And in What Have We Been Playing we talk about DMC Devil may Cry: Definitive Edition and Alien Isolation, as well as the past weekend's GFinity Starcraft 2 Championships at the GFinity Arena in London.

More informative, more well-versed, and more legitimate opinions about games than ever before... Just some of the many advantages of Don being on holiday! Come join us!

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 65 - Dave New World


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 64 - Driveable

According to Rob we're in a game drought right now, but somehow that hasn't stopped us putting out a full length, meaty podcast for you to enjoy!

In news this week we explore all the week's happenings, including stories about Just Cause 3, Valve's brief experiment of enabling paid mods for Skyrim, Silent Hills and its tragic cancellation, and Batman: Arkham Knight's silly Season Pass price. Those stories are just the tip of the iceberg though, it's a news section stuffed to bursting!

In our Feature this week we test the common theory that video game store employees don't know anything about games by ringing up various stores around England and seeing how they answer Rob's inquiries. How will the game store employees do? The answer may shock and disturb you!

Then we wrap it all up with a short, leisurely stroll through the valley of What Have We Been Playing!

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 64 - Driveable


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 63 - Batmam

"I've got an army."
"We've got a podcast!"

We've been exposed to radiation, injected with super soldier syrum and built our own high-tec suit of armour because it's superhero week here on the podcast. To celebrate the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron we're devoting our feature this week to talking about the best superhero video games from over the years, on every generation of console.

News this week includes such hot scoops as Bethesda's potential E3 slate, whether you'll be able to beat Deus Ex: Mankind Divided without killing anyone and the studio that made Borderlands: The Pre Sequel closing down. That, plus maybe just a little bit more, if you're good.

Then this week Elder Scrolls Online has been played, but does it scratch that Elder Scrolls itch? And Did Don do his homework and actually play Wolfenstein: The New Order?! If he did, then he's the REAL superhero!

And will there be a secret clip at the end of the credits, like everthing else superhero related?!? Tune in to find out!

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 63 - Batmam


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 62 - Gamebarrassed

This weeks podcast is brought to you by spoons and unplanned feces! But how and why? You'll have to listen to find that out.

In news this week we cover everything, from the new Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk games which got announced/leaked this week, to the confirmation that Black Ops 3 will be out this year. Also in news, Mortal Kombat's DLC strategy is shitty, Xbox One receives a price cut, Star Wars Battlefront playable first on Xbox, Destiny's next DLC won't even have a Raid in it, and casting news for the upcoming GTA docu-drama! So much news!

In the feature this week we're greeted by somebody who sounds a little bit like Embarrassing Bodies' Dr. Christian to diagnose troubles with a handful of video games characters who have some rather humiliating ailments. Hopefully the good doctor can lend them a hand.

What Have We Been Playing this week, I hear you ask? Well if I were to tell you Wolfenstein: The New Order, Cities: Skylines, Fifa '15, Heroes of the Storm and even Destiny all got played this week! Yes, that's right, DESTINY! Can you imagine, a member of the podcast has been playing Destiny! Who could it be?! The suspense must be killing you. It's Don. It's always Don.

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 62 - Gamebarrassed


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 61 - Resident Pawel

It's an extra special show this week, as we interview Pawel Blaszczak, composer for Dying Light and Dead Island (amongst many others) and we roll out the blood-and-guts covered carpet for him with a zombie themed episode. We ask him what he thinks an actual zombie apocalypse would be like, how he gets his inspiration, and how the score to a video game comes together. It's fascinating stuff.

In this week's news we're talking about the Nintendo Direct that happened and all the news contained therein; OnLive closing down; Black Ops 3 getting teased by an unusual source, and how many discs GTA V on PC ship on. All that PLUS the results of this year's Classic FM Hall of Fame voting, and loads more. The news this week is fit to bursting! Not unlike a zombie gooey, squishable head.

Then in What Have We Been Playing we talk Heroes of the Storm, Majora's Mask, and Bloodborne, which is a hellish creepy world inhabited by undead creatures. Not unlike zombies, you might say!

Ears... EARS.... use your ears to listen to us... Your delicious ears...

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 61 - Resident Pawel


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 60 - April Fools

It's that time of the week. The time where the Gamecentral Podcast comes out and you say to yourself "Didn't this used to come out on Thursdays?"

In News this week we talk about the continued disintegration of Hideo Kojima's legacy by Konami; hit on a few of the gaming world's April fools pranks; Nintendo's projected profits from going mobile; and, someone's bold prediction from all the way back in Episode 49 has come true! But who gets the gloating rights?

In our Feature, we take a look at a few recent releases and ask "Where Are They Now!?" pondering just where some of the biggest releases of the past 2 years have gone, before pondering exactly why these titles faded into obscurity so quickly.

In what Have We Been Playing, Bloodborne, Borderlands: The Pre Sequel and Fifa 15 get their days in the sun, before the clock strikes twelve on episode 60 of the Gamecentral Podcast.

For all you Walking Dead fans out there, stay behind after the end credits to hear a special one-off discussion of the latest series of the hit TV show, and, we are proud to announce our guest for next week's episode will be none other than Pawel Blaszczak, composer for Dying Light, Dead Island, the Witcher and more!

So many reasons to listen to the Gamecentral Podcast, you'd be a fool not to... an APRIL Fool, that is! Enjoy!

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 60 - April Fools


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 59 - Gamecentral of Thrones

Recorded on a Thursday, posted on a Tuesday, and with many frustrating days of technical issues inbetween, episode 59 of the Gamecentral Podcast is finally here!

In this episode we cover news of Google competing directly with Twitch with Youtube: Live; confirmation of Arkham and God of War rereleases; massive day one patches for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection; A free multiplayer Halo exclusively for Russia and much more, so don't miss out on this (last) week's news!

Then in our feature we cast our minds back to obscure and flawed games that we thought showed some glimmer of promise, but never quite delivered, and we wonder how we could have made them better.

Then after a spot of (now very old) breaking news we talk about what we've been playing, including Fifa 2015, Forza Horizon 2, Borderlands: The Pre Sequel - Claptraps Fragtastic Voyage DLC, Batman: Arkham City, Destiny and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D.

When you play the Gamecentral of Thrones, you listen or you die... But that won't be a problem for you, because you're about to listen to the 301st best video game podcast on iTunes: The Gamecentral Podcast!

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 59 - Gamecentral of Thrones


Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 58 - Don's Gloss

We're here, on a Thursday(!), to tell you all about the week's biggest news in gaming. Whether you're interested in Nintendo's next console; Konami attempting to erase Hideo Kojima from existence; or even just when you get to play as a Goat on your Xbox, then we've got you covered.

Then in lieu of a feature this week, we're treating you to an episode's worth of tracks from Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. 3 of the best tracks from the official soundtrack for the game, as chosen by the podcast's self-appointed music guru, Gareth.

Then in What Have We Been Playing we go in depth with yet more Dying Light, Resident Evil 5 and Runescape; before letting Don inform us on the latest goings on in his full-time job: Playing Destiny.

So warm up your ear holes, close your eye holes, open your mouth hole and try to keep all your other holes under control, because it's time for another episode of the Gamecentral Podcast!

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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 58 - Don's Gloss