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Video Game Music Needs Your Help!

That's right folks, it's that time of year again. The time of year where Classic FM asks its users to vote for their top 300 pieces of classical music! For those who aren't aware, we actually managed to get 3 video game franchises into their top 300 last year: Viva Piñata, Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy! What's more, while Viva Piñata only reached #174 (still a tremendous achievement) the soundtrack for the Elder Scrolls series reached #5(!) and Final Fantasy reached #3(!!!!!).

That was last year though, and while we keep our fingers crossed for another great gamer voter turn out, it's not going to happen all by itself! The top 300 contained plenty of film soundtracks even before Aerith's Theme first turned up there in 2012, so it seems criminal not to have video game music featured within the chart as prominently. We did incredibly last year to get TWO soundtracks in the top 5, but there were still only 3 game soundtracks featured in the entirety of the top 300. I think this year's goal should be to increase the volume and variety of the soundtracks we vote for, and to introduce the listeners of Classic FM to as many new works as we can.

If you're interested in this cause, there's a very simple way to get involved: VOTE!

Vote in the Classic FM Hall of Fame 2014

1) Once you're there click the "cast your vote" button
2) Enter the name of the game whose soundtrack you want in the chart, so long as it's classical
3) You get three votes, so choose them wisely
4) You don't have to vote just for games. Love the theme from Star Wars? Vote for it!
5) Once you've chosen, submit your vote and, most importantly, spread the word!

If we all vote for Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy every year then they'll obviously do well every year, but we'll stagnate the list, which is why this year I've voted for Elder Scrolls as well as Starcraft II and Super Mario Galaxy. I'm not saying you have to vote for the same as me, but makes sure that when you vote, you tell your fellow gamers about it, give them a kick up the backside to support video games and show solidarity.

Video games are still frowned upon by a majority of people, and it's things like this that help them be legitimized in the long run as more than just a childish endeavour. Do your part, get involved, and maybe even introduce yourself to something you may have overlooked: The superb music present in many of your favourite games. It's win/win.

Here's the clip of last year's top 3 entry, Aerith's Theme, as it happened:

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