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Has 'Watch Dogs'' Release Date Been Outed?

Oopsie! Looks like somebody at Sony will probably be getting a stiff talking to, as the American PS Store has updated with a June 30th release date. Ubisoft have declined to comment so far, so take the date with a pinch of salt (especially because it falls on a Monday) but if it's true, then you guys out there that are super looking forward to the game have an extra 4 months to wait, on top of waiting since the game got delayed late last year.

In my book, this can only be good thing. I wasn't massively excited about the game, especially after some of the trailers they had brought out (this one in particular gave me the "uh-ohs") so more time to improve what could only have been a massive disappointment, is one of the things I would have been thankful for... If we had Thanksgiving.

Can you wait until June 30th? Because I know I can!

"Don't mind me guys, I'm just gonna be propping myself up on this car until... When? JUNE?! Oh god..."

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