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'Call of Duty: Ghosts' Free Multiplayer Demo This Weekend on Xbox Platforms

Call of Duty may have fallen out of favour as a series over the years, but it's still almost impossible to play it and not have fun. If you've not played a CoD for a while but want to have a free taste, then this weekend is your chance!

Xbox users will be able to play the free multiplayer demo from Friday at 6pm, through 'til Monday and will have access to 3 maps and a handful of the game modes included in the main game. It's unclear whether the demo is going to be exclusive to Gold members, or whether people the demo can play against people playing the full game, but the wording used in the press release points towards neither of those being true.

So if you're a silver member and had nothing planned this weekend, then give it a shot.

A shot. Get it?

A SHOT....

See, like "shot" as in "gunshot." It's clever, see? Oh, nevermind.

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