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Top Ten Games I'd Like To See On Wii U

I grew up as a Nintendo fan, and I still am one so naturally the second I saw the Wii U my head started filling with awesome ideas, particularly which games would work best with the new hardware. Going from 10 to 1 I'll list the games I think will work best and which will be the most fun!

10 - Puzzle Quest

Possibly the easiest choice, Puzzle Quest for Wii U pretty much speaks for itself. Bejeweled on a touch screen is a dream, especially one as big as the Wii U, plus the extra screen size means it will be easier to touch your spells. The only stumbling block I see is what to put on the TV whilst your Bejeweled-ing it up on the controller.

I guess in the long run it doesn't really matter, as you wont be looking at it, but it would be nice if something cool were to happen on there during a battle, just in case anybody happens to walk past and see you owning a spider demon.


9 - Broken Sword

A common theme among my picks is going to be inventory management, which adventure games like Broken Sword can often do quite clunkily. I guess in a broader sense this entry on the top ten could actually just read "All Adventure Games", because the point 'n' click nature of them suits a touch screen perfectly, although again, what to do with the TV view would be a conundrum, but with games like this, I think it'd be fine to just display the same thing on both screens.

8 - Resident Evil 4/5

Both Resident Evil 4 and 5 had very unique inventories, RE4's was almost close to Tetris and RE5's was mid-action, meaning you couldn't pause the game whilst you messed with your stuff.

I'm a fan of both. RE4's was a puzzle game and RE5's was a test of co-ordination and reflexes. Both, however, would be way better with a touch screen. I'd love Wii U remakes of either of them, or maybe even a cheeky new Resi game!

7 - Metroid

Metroid comes in 2 flavours nowadays: First person and side-scrolling. In first person, a big aspect is that you can scan almost anything in the world and have access to info on those things in an in-game database; and in the side-scroller you explore a large mapwhich is reveled to you gradually.

Both of those things could be expertly conveyed on the Wii U controller's screen! Imagine having Metroid Prime's database on the controller screen at all times, changing dynamically depending on what you're near, or imagine the map in a 2D Metroid always available to you, so you never get lost! I'd love it!

6 - Advance Wars

I imagine a world in which you have a huge battlefield on your 50-inch television, with fog of war covering it displaying mutual information, with all the stats of your epic battle displayed on the big screen whilst you take it in turns to fight, make and move units and all the while, still have no idea what your opponent is doing, their unit compositions or strategy.

You could totally do a new Advance Wars on the Wii U! I can't imagine a better use of the controller screen than to hide secrets from your opponent!

5 - L.A. Noire

I have a very specific idea as regards to L.A. Noire. In the game, you have to interview suspects, and whilst doing this you're forced to look down at your notebook.

What I think would be awesome is if they mapped the nbotebook to be on the controller screen so that you never have to take the character you're interviewing's face off the screen, you can simply look down at your own virtual notebook!

4 - Kirby's Canvas Curse

In Kirby's Canvas curse you drew on the DS screen to make a path for the ball-Kirby to follow. That game was awesome. The graphics were simplistic but gorgeous and the gameplay was fluid and satisfying, I think the same could easily be said for a Wii U version.

The simple act of drawing a loop-de-loop and having Kirby whoosh round it is so much more fun than in ought to be, so I would love to re-live than experience but bigger, better, prettier and Kirby-er!


3 - Zelda

Okay, slight cheat here, in that they already showed some footage of what a WII U Zelda would be, but I still want it.

The awesome thing is that they've done the correct thing, have all your menus and items on the controller and leave the top screen free for action and pretty graphics.

They haven't shown much of the game so far but what they have shown looks goooooooood.


2 - Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing would work so well with Wii U! Another theme of my list is awesome DS games that make good use of the touch screen.

Animal Crossing games make great use of the touch screen, having you type messages to friends, equip items, carry stuff around and sort out your schedule all on the touch screen, leaving the top screen free of clutter, which would transfer awesomely to Wii U.

1 - Pokemon

 The ultimate series on top of everyone's Nintendo home console wish list. Let's be honest, the only thing that will do at this point to forward the series is an MMO, and there's never been a better console for Nintendo to do it on!

The controller's screen is the perfect medium to easily sort all your items and pokemon order out, plus to hide what moves you pick if battling a friend in some sort of versus mode.

The thought of a HD Pokemon game in a permanent online setting is equivilent to viagra for me, so I have little choice but to inform the internet that if they make a proper Wii U Pokemon game I may have to quit my job and become a Pokemon trainer full time...

Reader Comments (1)

A pokemon MMO would be unbelievably good, Animal Crossing would be good too but I hope this controller is better than the Wii's. I couldn't stand having to be in front of the TV at all times to play.

June 23, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLuke D

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