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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 61 - Resident Pawel

It's an extra special show this week, as we interview Pawel Blaszczak, composer for Dying Light and Dead Island (amongst many others) and we roll out the blood-and-guts covered carpet for him with a zombie themed episode. We ask him what he thinks an actual zombie apocalypse would be like, how he gets his inspiration, and how the score to a video game comes together. It's fascinating stuff.

In this week's news we're talking about the Nintendo Direct that happened and all the news contained therein; OnLive closing down; Black Ops 3 getting teased by an unusual source, and how many discs GTA V on PC ship on. All that PLUS the results of this year's Classic FM Hall of Fame voting, and loads more. The news this week is fit to bursting! Not unlike a zombie gooey, squishable head.

Then in What Have We Been Playing we talk Heroes of the Storm, Majora's Mask, and Bloodborne, which is a hellish creepy world inhabited by undead creatures. Not unlike zombies, you might say!

Ears... EARS.... use your ears to listen to us... Your delicious ears...

(Right-click the file and select "Save as" to download it, or left-click to listen in your browser)

Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 61 - Resident Pawel

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