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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 75 - Depressisode

It's a sad episode of the Gamecentral Podcast this week, as the gaming industry lost one of its finest in Nintendo's Satoru Iwata. We talk about him, and how important he was not only for Nintendo but the gaming industry as a whole, and how he affected us personally... However, we're british, and the only way we know to handle our emotions is to crack on and try our best to make light of a shitty situation.

So we (sigh) keep calm and carry on, with news this week of Hideo Kojima's continued removal from Konami's existence; Tekken X Street Fighter apparently still being an actual game that might come out; Halo's all time sales getting announced; and Batman: Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC not coming out on PC any time soon, much to nobody's surprise.

We have more music as suggested by another podcast listener this week before we debut a new feature: 8-Bit Shit. Rob has selected classic theme music from films, but done in an 8-bit style. It's up to Gareth and Don to see if they can identify the music and prove which is the superior hearer of bleeps and bloops!

There's just time for a splash of tea before we talk about (and try to rename) what we've been playing this week and that's another podcast in the can!

All that's left to do is thank Mr. Iwata for all he's done, and to say that his influence will continue to be felt for many, many years to come. Thank you, Iwata-san.

(Right-click the file and select "Save as" to download it, or left-click to listen in your browser)

Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 75 - Depressisode

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