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Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 134 - 4Kelly Clarkson

It's been a while, but your patience has been rewarded! With another 2 hours of Gamecentral Podcast!

We may have had a break, but so have video games! So forgive our sparse news segment, we'll make it up to you though, because we've got an Ellery Ip and a 3-song music segment!

We also have a special feature in which we discuss the practicality and necessity of 4K, in gaming or otherwise. Is it affordable enough? Is the technology impressive enough? Is it worth it? We'll try to answer these questions and more.

Then in 'Time To Play The Game' we're talking Monster Hunter World, Red Faction ReMARStered Edition and No Mans Sky!

The British heatwave's almost over, but don't worry, the podcast isn't! We love you all too much.

(Right-click the file and select "Save as" to download it, or left-click to listen in your browser)

Gamecentral Podcast: Episode 134 - 4Kelly Clarkson

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