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Daily News - 16th October 2011 - Halo Anniversary, Ultimate MVC: 3 and Spiderman

Sorry for there not being an update the past few days guys, but it's been a slow few news days.

Halo: Anniversary Edition's Kinect Functionality Revealed

If you were expecting a holographic Cortana to appear in your living room simply by saying "Xbox, Cortana hologram!" then you're going to be disappointed, also, if you were expecting the Kinect functionality of next month's Halo: Anniversary Edition to be useful in any way then I'm afraid you're going to be similarly disappointed. The most interesting use will be that saying "Analyze" will scan items in the environemt around you and let you read about them in an in-game encyclopedia, although for the most part the Kinect will be used for pointless things like throwing grenades and reloading. The library is also exclusive to Kinect users, for reasons absolutely unknown to anybody with any common sense. Shambles.

I'm not a fan of Halo, but Anniversary will have achievements so I'll probably rent the fucker

Play As Galactus In Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Not a massive story this, but better than nothing. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is gonna have itself an extra little mode, in which you play as Galactus and simply kick the fuck out of the other characters. I can see why that'd be fun, but Marvel Vs Capcom is still shit as fuck, so let's not get too excited now.

Not an easy guy to fuck with

Open World Spiderman Game Coming Next Year

A new Spiderman game, edge Of Time, just came out a week or so ago. Ignore it. Wait for this one. At New York Comic Con it was revealed that developer Beenox (the team behind Edge Of Time) have had a team working on a different Spiderman game for the better part of a year now, and this one is open world. Due to come out alongside next year's Spiderman reboot, the footage they showed in New York was all gameplay and looked a hell of a lot more "Spiderman" than we've seen in any Spiderman game for a while now. The trailer's embedded below, though has been filmed off a seperate camera, so looks pretty shaky, still has me excited though!

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