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Daily News - 19th October 2011 - DC Comic Games, Vita Launch Date and Game Offers

Warner Bros. Have Another DC Superhero Game In The works

Whilst bragging about how well they're doing for profits this year (what with Mortal Kombat, Batman and all the LEGO titles under their belts) WB President Martin Tremblay also let slip that they have a game in the pipeline based on another undisclosed DC superhero. Given that the Batman: Arkham games have nothing to do with the films, the fact that there's a Superman movie due out next year doesn't really mean anything, frankly I wanna see a good Flash game... although basing a game on a man who can run around the world in a few seconds may be a fairly impossible task.

If a Batman game can be awesome, who knows what else we'll get treated to!

PS Vita Gets It's Non-Japanese Launch date

Finally! It's been ages since we heard any relevant Vita news, but now we know not only the launch date, but also the pricing. The system will come out on February 22nd (2012 obviously) and cost $249 for the Wi-Fi model and $299 for the model that adds 3G. Converting those into good old British pounds we're looking at about £160 and £190 respectively, although it's far more likely that they'll just switch the dollar signs for pound signs and screw us over. Ahh video games, you so expensive!

in 5 months you'll be backtouching to your hearts content!

Broken Sword And Arkham Asylum For Cheap

Those of you who love a good bargain are well catered for the next few days, with the Broken Sword trilogy and Arkham Asylum up for sale. If you've missed the Broken Sword series in the past it's an absolute classic, and well worth £2.99 per game, and with Arkham City out on Friday there's never been a better time to play the original!


Broken Sword Series - 50% off until Friday



Batman: Arkham Asylum: Game Of The Year Edition - 50% Off Until Thursday

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