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Trailer Round-Up - 26th September 2011 - Assassin's Creed: Revelations, The Darkness 2 and I Am Alive

Trailer Of The Week is I Am Alive. I really like the concept of the game, and the execution seems to fit in with that perfectly. It's a really good trailer.

I Am Alive - Gameplay Teaser

Looks pretty darn interesting!


The Binding Of Isaac - Launch Trailer

I loved Super Meat Boy, so I feel obliged to post this.


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - Tokyo DLC Trailer

I don't care about Ace Combat, but this looks cool


Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Extended Story Trailer

Assassin's Creed fans are terrible people.


Shank 2 - Announcement Trailer

I never played the first Shank, but I always regretted it


Fez - Another Extended Screenshot

So serene, so calm, so peaceful.... So give it to me!


Saint's Row: The Third - Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax

Seizure warning. For reals. Fun warning also. But that seizure warning is real. Seizures!


The Darkness 2 - What Is The Darkness?

I meant to play the original a few months back but other stuff got in the way, I might just do it now though.

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