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Daily News - 21st October 2011 - Ezio, Doom 4, Gears 3 DLC and More!

Ezio Will Be Playable In Soul Calibur 5

Last week there was a rumour circulating the internet that Ezio would be in Soul Calibur 5 following a photo that appeared on the internet. Opinion was divided on whether it was a photoshop or not, so I didn't post about it (to be honest, if I posted about every rumour I saw, I'd have to rename the site Rumour Banter) but now it looks like the believers side was the one to be on, as a trailer came out today showing Ezio threatening to puch Nightmare in the face. Everything about the trailer is pretty cool... except for, ironically, the fighting...

Doom 4 Put On The Backburner After Disappointing Rage Sales

id Software, makers of the classic Doom series had a game out a week or so ago, you probably saw quite a few adverts about it even! Well, you saw the adverts but you didn't buy the game, as Zenimax and Bethesda (id's parent companies) aren't happy. Citing iffy reviews and poor sales they seem to have lost faith in the company, forcing them to postpone Doom 4 "indefinitely". I haven't played Rage yet (and with the raft of games sailing our way in the next few weeks it'll be a while) but I fully intend to give it a pity play at some point, even though it doesn't look like my kind of game at all. Ah well, Doom fans will be sad, but atleast you're got a million other games to play before the year ends. It's the gaming equivilent of comfort eating.

Well Rage, when you're £5 maybe you'll see a huge sales increase. Maybe.

Nintendo 3DS' Next Update Will Add 3D Video Capture

While I admit that this is actually going to a cool feature, and Nintendo say we'll be able to record videos of upto 10 minutes and upload the videos to Youtube, I can't help but fear for the elicit recorded shenanigans this feature's gonna bring about. Shudder in your beds parents, 13 year-old Bobby probably aint gonna be using that thing to film Pokemon cards...

Remember when video games we're innocent?

Gears Of War 3's First DLC Detailed

Titled Raam's Shadow and taking place after Emergence Day, the DLC serves as sort of a prequel to the series, which sounds fucking awesome to me! You'll play as both Raam and Zeta squad, made up of  Lt. Minh Young Kim (Delta squad's leader from the first game), Tai Kaliso (from Gears 2) Michael Barrick (a character from the Gears comics) and a new character named Alicia Valera. It will cost $15 (£10-ish) and will also add new multiplayer characters, weapon skins and achievements. I really want to play this. ALOT. I dunno if you heard but I quite enjoyed Gears Of War 3.

Raam's a bit of a beast, playing as him will be fun!

And Finally...

Every Grand Theft Auto For Just £4.99!

Yeah, you read that right, £4.99 will get you GTA, GTA2, GTA3, GTAIV, GTA: Episodes From Liberty City, GTA: San andreas and GTA: Vice City. I'm not kidding. go buy it, you're not stupid, you know you want to!


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