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Daily News - 25th October 2011 - Diablo 3 and Battlefield 3

Collector's Edition Of Diablo 3 Detailed, Looks Suitably Ridiculous

Diablo 3 is what some might call a fairly anticipated game, so I would imagine pre-orders for it are pretty popular for it, BUT, maybe hold off on your regular pre-order Diablo fans, unless you WANT to miss out on a Diablo skull Soulstone USB drive holder! The collector's edition will come with the afformentioned memory stick and holder (comes ready loaded up with Diablo 2 bytheway), a behind-the-scenes dvd and blu-ray, a book of Diablo 3 art, the collector's edition soundtrack and some exclusive in-game goodies. I've still got to try the beta (so many games coming out though!) but I've seen enough collector's editions in my time to know that this is one of them. The making-of, the art booklet, the soundtrack... all classics, although a Blizzard making-of, art booklet and soundtrack are pretty much guaranteed to be better than most.

It'll probably cost a pretty penny, but remember, it does come with diablo 3...

DO NOT Play Battlefield 3 If You Can't Install The High Res Texture Pack!

Last week Battlefield 3's producer equated the game without the high res textures to a "standard definition" game. He was being generous. A Youtube video has popped up today that isn't pretty. It shows footage of the game with the textures and without them side-by-side. Notice the lack of any kind of detail and horrific blurriness of the game without the high res textures and then weep if you don't have a hard drive without 9 gigs of spare room.

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