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Daily News - 29th October 2011 - Vita, 3DS and Sexy Bargains

Fresh Vita News - Sony Predictions and Early Vitas

A bit of new PS Vita news today, well, 2 new bits of news-ish. First off, Sony seem to have tremendous faith in their next product (not a surprise), so much so that they've come out publicly and that according to their data, 63% of PS3 owners say they will buy a Vita. Not bad, but not exactly guaranteed numbers, even though I admit it looks good enough to perform close to, if not above that. Next bit of news is for those of you who can't wait for a Vita. Turns out, if you're that desperate for a Vita, Sony wioll totally let you get one a week earlier! For a price... For an extra £50 you can get your Vita a week early! You'll also get a case for your Vita and 4GB memory card. Seems fine, if you're into that sort of thing.

"What's that? You get yours in a month?... CHUMP!"

Nintendo 3DS eShop Is Getting A Much Needed Upgrade!

If you have a 3DS you may have noticed that the online shop is a little... lacking. Nintendo, aren't stupid though, they know that the standard for online content has already been set numerous times and that they need to catch up, which is why soon they're going to be adding DLC, Demos and a Web Store, aswell as the ability to download things from the eShop while your 3DS is in sleep mode. All this sounds great, certainly will be a couple of welcome additions, but no word yet on when the improvements will appear.

"...and demos, DLC, web store... to be added later"

And finally...

Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!

Indie Royale is a brand new website that's launched, taking inspiration from the Humble Indie Bundle but taking things a step further. The site will feature a different combination of indie games every 2 weeks, with a pay-what-you-want structure, with the minimum price determined by the average of all the other amounts people have sold. It's a good idea, and the first bundle contains Sanctum, a combination FPS/Tower Defence game that's pretty cool. I'd recommend it, especially for £2!

Indie Royale

And the other big deal this weekend is Steam's Halloween sale. There are a tonne of games in the sale, but my personal highlights are the Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition, the Left 4 Dead Bundle, and both Bioshocks for cheap as chips! Have a look!!!

Steam Halloween Sale

 Bioshock + Bioshock 2 - £3.49 each


 Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition - £4.99


 Left 4 Dead 1 + 2 Bundle - £7.81

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