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Trailer Round-Up - Week of 24th October 2011 - Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and Lollipop Chainsaw

Trailer Of The Week goes to Skyrim hands-down. It's live action and really sells what they've been touting as making the game great. That dragon looks goooooooooooood!!!

Elder Scrolls V: Skrim - Live Action Trailer

If this doesn't get you excited then you be crazy!

NFL Blitz - Debut Trailer

Looks like some good ol', arcade-style American Football

Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi - A Dragonball Orgy

If you like Dragonball Z, this should tickle you in all the right places.

Infamous 2 - Festival Of Blood

This isn't DLC, it's it's own standalone game. Seems like a cool idea!

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Launch Trailer

You wanna see some explosions and some army guys?... Then check this shit out dawg!

Star Wars: The Old Republic - PVP In The Star Wars Universe

Twat a Sith with the butt of your gun. That'll show 'em!

The Darkness 2 - Executions In The Truest Sense Of the Word

Oh. Dear. GOD. Not the anus!!!

Lollipop Chainsaw - Shit Just Got Crazy!

I'm looking forward to this, there just isn't enough crazy around at the moment!

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