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Daily News - 5th and 6th September 2011 - Duke Nukem Forever DLC and Neverwinter 

Duke Nukem Forever Getting Multiplayer DLC... For Some Reason

If there's one thing Duke Nukem Forever was missing, it was more multiplayer maps and reduced load times... okay, sarcasm aside, reduced load times would actually have made that game miles better. Gearbox are releasing the "Hail to the Icons Pack" next week which will add a few new multiplayer maps, modes and weapons and cost 800 Microsoft points (or just under £7) unless you bought into the Duke Nukem First Access Club, which you didn't. Because you're not an idiot. The consoles versions are also getting patched to include the reduced loading time I mentioned before, and the 360 version is also getting "improved texture streaming". There's never been a better time to own Duke Nukem Forever! (technically)

Looks fun right?!? If you guessed no, you win!

Neverwinter Will Now Be A Free-To-Play MMO

Neverwinter was announced in August last year as a Dungeons and Dragons based RPG with some multiplayer, but Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online, Champions Online) have decided to keep the game in-line with the business plan they're used to and make it free-to-play from the start. The most exciting part about this F2P MMO is that Cryptic say none of the content will be subscriber only, which is cool but begs the question, why subscribe? We'll find out when the game launches next year.

I actually think only good things can come from the recent explosion of free-to-play MMOs. I love 'em!

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