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Daily News - 7th September 2011 - Battlefield 3 Beta and Max Payne 3

Battlefield 3 Beta Gets A New Map On PC, With Jets And Shit!

The Caspian Border map that was featured in that amazing trailer I've posted a few times is now available to PC players of the Battlefield 3 Beta. The map will be available all weekend to help them stress test it with 64 players online at once. Now I absolutely hate mouse and keyboard controls for shooting games, but I'm gonna have to put that aside and get my ass on the Beta this weekend. Here's a gentle reminder of the map in question.

Max Payne 3 Screenshots Arrive

For me, Max Payne holds no weight. It's not because I didn't like it or hated it, it's because I never played it. I know people who did though and I'm sure Max Payne 3 has them excited. Some fresh screenshots have come in today, most are of a bald guy walking around so I've just taken the 5 that have some have action in. Take a look and enjoy!

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