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Daily News - 8th September 2011 - Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, UFC and Battlefield 3

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine's Free Multiplayer DLC Coming In the Next Few Weeks

Fans of the newest Warhammer game are probably happy enough already (I hear that game is pretty good!) but Relic are piling chocolate sauce on top of the ice-cream sundae and releasing a free DLC that will add basically Horde mode to the game. The DLC will be called "Exterminatus" and will be out on October 25th. It'll feature 2 maps and 4 player co-op, not bad for free!

Billions of orcs getting murdered by you and your friends? Sounds like fun!

UFC Over Xbox Live Is A Thing That's Happening

At E3 it was mentioned at the Microsoft press conference that UFC would be available on the xbox before the end of the year, and we've now got the details. The service will launch on December 1st and comes with plenty of extra feautures, like interactive fight cards, view past results and see the fighters stats. Buying the pay-per-view through the Xbox app will also get you the weigh-ins, preliminary fights and press conferences, and You'll have to buy the events with a credit card, not with Microsoft points. I love me some UFC, but it can get pretty expensive when you don;t have a job. Interesting though!

The interface all looks very flash, I like it!

Battlefield 3's Second Disc Will Have Some Juicy Textures On It!

The console versions looking worse than the PC version is something that's to be expected nowadays, but what's not to be expected is a game maker doing something about it. The content of the 2nd Battlefield 3 disc for the 360 was a bit of a mystery, but now we know that a large chunk of the disc will be dedicated to high-res textures which you can choose to install onto your system. I don't know why you would ever choose not to install the textures but I guess choice is always a good thing.

Maybe now the game will come within reach of the PC? Who knows, looks nice though!

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