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Daily News - 22nd November 2011 - Skyrim Patch, COD Elite and Counter Strike: GO Closed Beta

Two Weeks Until Skyrim Gets Patched

Skyrim is awesome, though since it's launch a few technical hitches have come to light which are a shame, but to be unexpected in a game as massive as this. On the Xbox, if the game is installed onto the system the high res textures for the game won't load (something to do with caching and how it's not optimized to work with an installed title), and on the PS3, the game can become incredibly laggy and save files grow to massive size due to the amount the game is attempting to keep track of. Both bugs are platform exclusive, but fixes are in the works for both of them, aswell as to fix minor problems within the game. The patch should be with us in around 2 weeks.

I can't see that shield being of much use...

Call Of Duty Elite Due To Be Ready December 1st

Call Of Duty Elite, the pay-for program that will make you better at Modern Warfare 3, hasn't... well... worked, yet. Activision have given all it's members a free month, which admittedly will almost be up by December 1st, but the service should be up and running by then, atleast according to Activision Vice President of Production, Daniel Suarez.

"It was our fault that the service wasn't up and running the day [fans] put in their token or the day they bought it. They kind of have to bear with us while we bring this all back up, but for us it's literally 'Give us those couple weeks, we're giving those to you for free and come December 1 the goal is that we'll have everything up and running. As we're doing competitions and more things specific to stats and generating those stats and creating leaderboards for people, we don't want to create a situation where the service itself becomes invalidated by people having crazy stats because they've been able to do something to the game."

So there you have it. Lucky Call Of Duty fans!

That's basically my tactic aswell: Use explosives and hope for the best... Maybe I need to use COD Elite!

Counter Strike: GO Kicks It's Beta Off Next Week

Counter Strike is a pretty big deal, I think. There are still a tonne of people playing both the original and Counter Strike: Source daily, all of which are, I'm sure, massively pumped for GO. Well the good news for you is that you could potentially be playing the game in just 8 days time, on November 30th. The Beta will be closed at first, and feature 2 maps: Dust and Dust2 (imaginitively named), eventually becoming an open later.

who will shoot first? You! If you get into the closed Beta!

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