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Daily News - 5th November 2011 - Alan Wake Sequel and Gearbox Are Amazing

Alan Wake Sequel Is A Thing That's Happening, Will Be Downloadable

Remember Alan Wake? Well if you do, news of a sequel will probably be pretty interesting, and if you don't, then you've just got yourself a new game to play! The original did well enough critically, but a sequel to it wasn't exactly guaranteed, and especially not one that would be exclusively downloadable, but here we are almost in 2012 and that shit's happening. The game, rumoured to be called Alan Wake: Night Springs, will be released on XBLA but from the sounds of it, will still manage to be a huge, full experience despite the new platform. Expect to hear more about the game in the months ahead.

The original wasreally cool, a sequel can only be a good thing, surely!

Gearbox Pay Tribute To Deceased Fan by Making Him A Character In-Game

Gearbox, the folks behind Borderlands, Duke Nukem: Forever and other games have honoured one of their fans, Michael John Mamaril, who died of cancer recently at the age of 22. Michael's best friend Carlo contacted Gearbox about the possibility of some kind of tribute and what he got was more than he could have hoped for:

Claptrap Eulogy for Michael John Mamaril

Having a friend who's life was cut tragically short honoured is one thing, but having them immortalized in one of their favourite games is quite another. It's easy to think of video games as just violent and mindless, but stories like this make me proud to have it as my hobby. I add my condolences to the flood of others out there for Michael's family, and thank Gearbox for showing there are actual people behind the products we love. Hopefully this made you guys as happy as it made me. Have a great weekend.

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