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Trailer Round-Up - Week of 31st October 2011 - GTA 5, Gears Of War 3 and Soul Calibur V

Trailer Of The Week is obviously GTA 5, and even though I've already posted it, it deserves a 2nd showing. Enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Reveal Trailer

I mean, what can you say? It's GTA 5!

Asura's Wrath - Knocking Out Demon Gorillas

To be fair, they did for some reason kidnap a mother and baby

Devil May Cry HD Collection - Shredding At It's Finest

Dante knows how to have a good time!

Gears Of War 3 - Horde Command Pack DLC

Here's what your precious Microsoft points will buy you.

Rayman: Origins - Death, Death And More Death!

It's not all fun and games!

UFC Undisputed 3 - Earn A Little Pride

I love UFC, not a great fan of the games though.

Soul Calibur V - Playing Dress Up

Well this looks ridiculous. Which is good.

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