Daily News - 1st December 2011 - More Deus Ex, Skyrim Patch Fail and Battlefield 3 Sales

More Deus Ex Promised By Square Enix

This year's Deus Ex: Human Revolution was pretty good, it did alot of things right and managed to create a new world that was believable and interesting... So it's a good thing we'll be seeing more of it! Square Enix promise more entries into the franchise, even citing it as one of their "Core Intellectual Properties". Also on that list are Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest, Hitman, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, so I would say the odds of Deus Ex taking precident over those titles is pretty good.

It may not be Adam Jensen, but you can almst guarantee more impaling dudes from behind.... that came out wrong

Skyrim Patch 1.2 Kind Of Fixes Things, Definitely Breaks Others

If you played Skyrim yesterday you will have noticed the game finally got it's glitch-fixing patch, to sort out the texture and lag problems that have plagued the game since launch. Well, while they may have fixed the existing problems, a few more have come to light. Most notably some dragons flying backwards, and anything that had any kind of magic resistance now doesn't (for example, a Flame Atronach isn't immune to fire anymore). Needless to say, that's a problem, and one that Bethesda will try to fix quickly, but until then we'll just have to put up with things like this:


Battlefield 3 Sells 8 Million

It's been a fairly good month for Battlefield 3, the game's done well critically and now has 8 million players worldwide, on account of it selling 8 million copies. Sounds like a lot, but Modern Warfare 3 sold 6.5 million units within just the first 24 hours, so I guess when you look at it like that it's not as impressive, although nobody can really compete with COD, so it's still a victory for Battlefield 3... Just not a victory over Modern Warfare.

Not quite MW3 figures, but then, no game's figures are.

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