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Daily News - 10th December 2011 - DC Comics, Peggle, Dead Rising 3 Rumour and Xbox Live Indie Games

DC Comics Games Won't Be Movie Tie-Ins

Movie tie-ins are almost universally terrible, so it's a relief to hear the people behind DC Comics games say that they won't be making any movie tie-ins for a good while. Arkham Asylum didn't line up with a major Batman movie release, and neither did Arkham City, and both were fantastic, so they're definitely onto something. Warner Brother's Martin Carrier said this:

"Forget the movies. We're not satisfied anymore with sub-par superhero games, now, it's like they should be better than all the other games. It's not about hitting the movie date or some arbitrary date, it was giving the game the time it needs to be successful and really just concentrating on the quality of it."

Now if only everybody else everywhere had the same attitude!

As if Batman didn't have enough to be smug about!

Popcap Are Rebooting Peggle

Peggle is awesome. It's simple, fun and entertaining, but still has enough complexity to keep you interested. I have mixed feelings then about the fact that Popcap have released a hiring call, asking for a new Art Director to oversee a "stylistic reboot" for the franchise. The gameplay isn't mentioned in the call which means, hopefully, it should stay largely the same to play, but I really liked the game's style so I can't help but feel iffy about it.

Good old Peggle, here's hoping you don't change too much!

Crazy Dead Rising 3 Rumour Surfaces

The Dead Rising games are renowned for their craziness, and apparently, none moreso than Dead Rising 3 will be. Granted, this is a rumour Capcom have openly shot down, but it's fun anyway. Apparently, Dead Rising 3 will occur in a town in California where a zombie outbreak has occurred, an event the world had thought it had seen the back of. A bomb is going to get dropped on the town to wipe the virus out for good, but before it does, "Rick" hopes to rebuild a plane and fly it out of there. The game will supposedly have undercurrents of illegal immigration, which I can believe. Despite Capcom saying this is definitely just a rumour, it's probably the most believable rumour I've heard in a long time.

Ignore the Spanish, focus on the zombie dismemberment

Xbox Live Indie Games Developers Unhappy With The New Dashboard

The new Xbox Live Dashboard update happened earlier this week and I think it's pretty good, it adds a lot of new features and looks pretty swish, but it hasn't occurred to me yet to look for the Indie Games section. Supposedly, it's not easy to find, according to Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games:

"I actually had to ask around as to where XBLIG was located because I couldn't find it when I was looking. If I had trouble finding Xbox Live Indie Games when I was actually looking for it, I can only imagine that few people are going to stumble upon it accidentally."

I'll admit I haven't delved into Indie Games too hard in the past, but I can sympathise with these Indie Developers. Imagine taking your time creating something only for barely anybody to ever see it... Oh wait, I do know what that's like! Perspective!

So many new features... but so much harder for Indie devs

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