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Daily News - 2nd December 2011 - Skyrim Mods, NeverDead Release Date and Half-Life 3?!?

Skyrim To Get Steam Workshop Support For User-Submitted Mods

The Steam version of Skyrim is the lucky version for 2 reasons: First of all, because Steam's much less picky about their certification process so the PC version of the game (whether you bought it on disc or digitally) gets updates for the game as soon as they're ready (which comes in handy when dragons start flying backwards), and also, now, it's been confirmed that the game will be getting Steam Workshop support. The "Creation Kit" will allow users to create mods, and the integration with Steam Workshop will allow users to rate, browse and install mods quickly and easily. I've been more than happy with the Xbox version of the game, but this makes me really yearn for a PC version of the game!

The Dragonborn fight ghosts, whilst Bethesda fight the ghosts... In the machine! Yes! That's wordplay right there!

NeverDead Will Be With Us January 31st

I dunno how many of you are familiar with NeverDead but I'm looking forward to it like a biatch. The game focuses around a guy killing demons in the 3rd person style... Oh, and he can't die. Dude can rip his own head off and throw it at enemies. Needless to say, it looks awesome, and it turns out it'll be out fairly soon. Those not acquainted with the game will want to watch the video below... and prepare to want to buy it.

Half-Life 3 Shirt Spotted On Valve Employee At Local Game Developer's Event

Here's the Tweet. Have a great weekend!

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