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Daily News - 30th December 2011 - Borderlands 2's Gunzerker, Gears Of War 3 Demo, 3DS New Year and More!

Details On Borderlands 2's First Class: The Gunzerker

I'm a massive fan of Borderlands, so much so that I'm gonna be playing the game through again with some friends, (thank you Steam sales!) and those of you who read the site often will know that if there's something I love I'll take absolutely any info about it as news (see any Mass Effect 3 story on here, including the one below) and Borderlands 2 will be no exception. The first of the game's 4 character classes, the Gunzerker, has been known of for a while now, but we didn't have any indication of any of it's specific abilities until now, and they sound super Borderlandsy. Here's a couple of examples:

  • Yippe Ki Yay - The more kills you get, the longer Gunzerker mode will last
  • No Kill Like Overkill - Doing "overkill" damage to an enemy will heal you
  • Come At Me, Bro - Taunts enemies and gives you full health and more armor

This gives me a good, warm feeling inside, knowing you can craft your own playstyle and have exciting reasons to enjoy levelling up is part of what made the original great, so seeing it restored is awesome. Gearbox have also said that re-speccing your character easily is a feature they're looking to bring back. Which I love. Jon Hemingway, the game's lead designer said:

"We won't talk specifically about how you do respec-ing. You know in the first game respec-ing was ridiculously cheap to do and you could do it whenever you wanted. We do everything we can to encourage experimentation so the players can try out the different things."

Can't wait!


Gears Of War 3 Demo Available Now

Gears Of War 3, one of the year's best games, has finally gotten it's chance to show you why it's so good in the form of a nice, free demo. the demo is called "Shipwreck" and takes place a few hours into the story. It should be downloadable now.

Give it a go, you might like it as much as I did!

3DS New Year's Telethon Sounds Pointless, Kinda Cool?

Nintendo have been releasing 3D videos on the 3DS for a few months now, some good, some not so good, and some I couldn't care less about. If you have a favourite then you'll be surpsied to hear that Nintendo are giving you the chance to vote on whether it gets another showing on their 3D video channel with a weird live telethon at New Years. Apparently they'll take phone calls and votes to see which video users want to see re-featured on Nintendo Video for 5 days at the start of next year. The telethon will run for about 3 days and is pretty out of character for Nintendo. Details and low-res photo of a telephone here.

There have been precious few reasons to whip my 3DS out recently... This isn't one of them.

Mass Effect 3 Is Going To Be The Most Difficult Mass Effect Game

I read this headline, but for fear of spoilers didn't read the rest of the news story, so this is all I know... Great journalism!

I can't imagine why the third one would be more difficult... Giant, ancient death robots notwithstanding

Fallout: New Vegas Gets New Mod From Lead Designer

This isn't a huge piece of news, but is kinda cool. I had lots of problems with New Vegas, but the game being too easy definitely wasn't one of them. Lead Designer J.E. Sawyer disagrees with me though, as he's made his own mod with balance changes designed to make the game more challenging. He makes the good point that work on the game has stopped, there's no DLC in the works and nobody working on it, it's just him, so if he breaks the game he's made it nice and easy to undo it. In his own words:

"some of the mechanics changes make the game significantly more difficult... or at least more of a hassle... I'd rather have people opt-in to those changes than make them the default in a patch. The game's over. The ship has sailed. No one is working on it anymore. No testers, nothing. This mod is just me working in my free time. If I horribly botch something, you can just un-check the mod and go on your way."

An "Ultimate Edition" of the game is coming out in a few months.

There wasn't enough of this in New Vegas

Reader Comments (6)

Am I the only one who thought Borderlands was such an average game?

December 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLuke D

I played every second of Borderlands with my best mate, sat next to each other and it was amazing ^^

December 31, 2011 | Registered CommenterGaZZuM

I never played it co-op so I may have enjoyed it more then. What games have you been playing most recently dude? Oh and Happy New Year :)

December 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLuke D

I've been playing a lot of co-op games with my buddies, and I play League Of Legends alot, a smidge of Battlefield 3 and a dash of Starcraft 2 if I can. How about you dude?

January 1, 2012 | Registered CommenterGaZZuM

I watch some LoL and SC2 on MLG inbetween Halo streams, they look pretty awesome. I've been playing co-op on saints row 3 too, BF3 alot, WWE 12, GOW 3 and Reach of course. So quite alot really. I've not even had time to get past level 8 on skyrim lol.

January 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLuke D

Yeah, well LoL is free so that''s a no-brainer, and I'm pretty terrible at starcraft 2 lol. I need to get round to Saints Row but I haven't played on my Xbox too much, come to think of it, why am I still renting Gears 3?!? I really need to send that back haha.

January 3, 2012 | Registered CommenterGaZZuM

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