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Daily News - 6th December 2011 - Epic Games Tease and The New Xbox Live Experience

Epic Games To Unveil Brand New Game At the VGAs

The Video Game Awards are starting to become kind of a big deal (kind of by default but whatever, let's not split hairs) and as such we're gonna see a fair few new, shiny things at the event on December 10th. One such thing we shall be seeing will be whatever the guys at Epic Games are up to next. They've had a busy year, what with Infinity Blade 2, Bulletstorm and Gears Of War 3 all coming out, but Cliff Blezinski ("The Cliffster", "Brozinski", "Clifton McBrewster".... I just made all those up) says this announcement will be about an absolutely brand new game. Look at the attractive little bugger below.


Epic Games Tease
Get More: Epic Games Tease



The New Xbox Live Experience Hits Tomorrow!

Us Xbox 360 owners have a fair bit to look forward to tomorrow, as the new dashboard hits, and with it comes a shitload of awesome shit! Amongst the new things we'll be getting are Cloud Saves, Cloud Profiles, the ability to post Achievements to Facebook (DUDE!) and better Kinect integration for all you lazy folk out there! Have a gander down there for a little bit more info then enjoy the new toys to play with tomorrow!

Take a gander here to see the webpage for yourself

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