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Daily News - 8th December 2011 - Ninja Gaiden 3 Release, 'The Amazing Spiderman' Trailer and What The 3DS Firmware Added

Ninja Gaiden 3 Dropping in March 2012

I never played Ninja Gaiden... or Ninja Gaiden 2, so I'm not really too bothered about giving the third installment of the mega-hard series a try. The game is coming to all the usual suspects (PS3, Xbox) but Team Ninja have said, rather interestingly, that a Wii-U Version will follow later. My lack of interest doesn't come from the series' difficulty, I mean, I've completed Super Meat Boy and Earth Defence Force 2017 for god's sake, it's that the series attempts to take itself seriously, with characters being angsty and caring about things. I think we've outgrown taking games like this seriously, now I'd much rather play a Bayonetta or an Asura's Wrath, something more ridiculous that adds crazy finishing moves and insane magic powers. There's definitely a market for the game... I'm just not it. Umm, to conclude: Ninja Gaiden 3 - Xbox 360, PS3 - March 2012.

Oh, bytheway, not for kiddies!

Amazing Spiderman Game Teases VGA Reveal

We're overdue a good Spiderman game. Spiderman 2 for the previous generation of consoles was genuinely awesome, but since then it's been slim pickings on the Spidey front as far as desirable experiences go. That's all set to change with The amazing Spiderman, which depsite not showing much, has me pretty excited. The game looks to combine the open-world of Spiderman 2, with the same freedom of movement of Spiderman 2 but throws in proper massive bosses. Another reason to be pumped for the VGAs in 2 days!


3DS Firmware Update Adds Video Capture And Achievements?

Yesterday an update to the 3DS' firmware was released, adding the DLC support to Nintendo's E-Shop, 3D video capture and something called "Accomplishments". Now, while there's no value allocation tied to an individual Accomplishment, it's a very Achievement-esque system, basically you'll earn an Accomplishment by performing an action like, for example, having a certain number of Streetpasses. So far Accomplishments are only tied to Street Passing but it's not a massive stretch to imagine a future where slicing Ganondorf's head off will net you a cool, shiny Accomplishment to show off to your friends. I've had a play around with the 3D video capture stuff aswell and, despite making me crosseyed, worked as advertised. A glowing endorsement, I'm sure you'll agree.

Photo affectionately borrowed from Giantbomb

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