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Daily News - 8th and 9th April 2011

New Twisted Metal Game Out October 4th

The original Twisted Metal definitely had it's fans, but it was a PS1 game when I didn't have a PS1, so my experience with it is non-existent. Still, a new game from a series you like getting a solid release is always good cause for happiness. Oh, and a trailer too!

Why Is The Special Edition Of Dirt 3 $300???

Well, this is why

It comes with an actual, professional RC car. Yeah, how fucked up is that!

Gamestop Selling Games Over Facebook In America

American chain Gamestop, not content with having a website of their own visited by millions every day, have now decided that instead of simply typing their URL into your browser, now you can go to Facebook, and find a Gamespot page with hardly anything on there for you to buy! To be fair, I see where they're coming from, and it might actually be kind of cool if it serves as a kind od early-warning system for sales, but the whole thing seems like just a way of trying to milk more money from people. No clicking the "Like" button for me!

Battlefield 3. Looks. Incredible

Not that I need a reason to look at screenshots of Battlefield 3, but Kotaku posted a gallery of new concept art and screens for the game. It looks fantastic in the shots, and I hear in motion the game is damn near mindblowing.

Reader Comments (1)

I was disappointed with BFBC2 but this looks really good

April 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLuke D

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