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Daily News - 10th April 2011

Portal 2 Webcomic Launched

I'll admit, I've not read this yet (I'm waiting for a nice, quiet moment to myself) but I refuse to believe it will be anything less than amazing, especially after how great Valve's Left 4 Dead Webcomic was. The link is below. Enjoy!

Portal 2: Lab Rat

Can't wait for more of this!

Dungeon Siege 3 Pre-order Gets You The Other 2 Games!

If you pre-order the game on Steam that is. Honestly, I've no idea whether the Dungeon Siege series is good or not, but this seems like too good an offer not to share with you guys.

Change In Rules Means Video Games Soundtracks Can Win Grammys!

Video games join movies and television shows as falling under the Grammys' veil of "visual media" for the first time this year, meaning they're now eligible in 4 award categories: "Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media",  "Best Music for Visual Media", "Best Song Written for Visual Media" and "Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media". This is great news! Slowly but surely video games are gaining credibility in almost all fields. Seems only a matter of time until this upcoming Mass effect anime wins an oscar...

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