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Daily News - 14th, 15th, 16th AND 17th April 2011!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates the past few days. After I wrote my Pokemon review I took a few days break, but I'm back now!

Nintendo's Next Console

By far the biggest story of the past few days. A torrent of rumours concerning a follow-up to the Wii have come to light now that the Wii's price drop has been confirmed. Apparently it's being codenamed Project Cafe (what?) and will feature graphical capabilities far beyond that of the PS3 and Xbox 360, although given how old both of those consoles are that's not too difficult, just surprising to hear those kind of graphics coming from a Nintendo console... provided these rumours bear fruit ofcourse. Other rumours include a controller like an "iPad with buttons" (ign did a mock-up, below) and that you'll be able to stream games from the console to the controller's screen. Pretty exciting stuff, and not too long until we find out the truth either: E3 is only a few months away!

mock up of what the controller could look like12 Minutes Of Battlefield 3 In Action

I've played Call Of Duty, and I've played Battlefield and for me, Battlefield wins evey time. The battles feel more epic, the gameplay much more balanced and the action crazier. This video of gameplay footage from Battlefield 3 is pretty much as good as games get in my opinion. It's early, pre-alpha in fact, but more than enough to get me way too excited for the game. If you can view this in 720p fullscreen then you definitely should.

Portal 2 Coming Early!

Well... that is to say, if the collective PC community play enough indie games it will unlock a little early. basically if people play selected indie games enough on Steam, Valve will see to it to unlock Portal ahead of schedule. How far ahead of schedule is more-or-less up to Valve, although current calculations put Portal 2's release as "3 p.m. Monday on the east coast, noon, on the west". 3pm on a work day. I'm sure people are gonna love that.

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