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Daily News - 21st April 2011

Fresh Duke Nukem Forever Trailer (NSFW)

Duke Nukem Forever is looking dangerously close to an actual game. Some people (me included) seem to think they'll be playing it in about 2 months! Ridiculous! The game looks terrible, stupid and kind of ugly... and I can't wait for it! No matter how good/bad it is, I think it'll be a breath of fresh air. So watch this trailer, but be warned. Contains boobs!

Playstation Network Down

Sony's online service has been down for a day now, meaning no downloading things, no online multiplayer, even rendering some games that require an internet connection unplayable. Sony put the outage down to "emergency Maintenance", which is unusual but you know technology, anything can happen. This is almost certainly not related to the hacking attempts a few weeks ago, I don't think Anonymous are the type to succeed in bringing down the whole of PSN and stay quiet about it. It's probably gonna be a few days before full service is restored, so you hang tigh Playstation owners... maybe enjoy the delightful summer sun!

Wii 2 Controller Details Coming To Light

Kotaku are reporting that someone they have on the inside is reporting some details about Wii 2's unusual-sounding controller. They claim it "will include a touchscreen, two analog sticks and a camera" and that the "new controller's screen will measure 6.2 inches and the controller will also include eight buttons". It all sound very intriguing, has me super pumped for E3!!!

Microsoft And Sony Not Folding To Wii 2's Pressure

Speaking of the Wii 2, Sony and Microsoft are sticking firm to their original stance of long life spans for the PS£ and Xbox360, saying that they wont be releasing new consoles until 2014, meaning that if the Wii 2 does make it out in 2012 it'll end up with a massive head-start on Sony and Microsoft.


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