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Daily News - 22nd April 2011

New Hitman Copyright Revealed - New Hitman Game More Than Likely

The copyright is "Hitman: Absolution". Definitely sounds like a new Hitman game to me! I played the hell out of Hitman 2 but haven't dug into one since. Enough time has passed that I would totally enjoy another Hitman game though, another big name to look forward to at E3!

Ahh, Hitman 2... Memories...Playstation Network Down Due To "External Intrusion"

So yesterday I said I doubted this was a hacker attack... today I look like an idiot. Sony pretty much confirmed PSN was down because of a hacker attempt. The attempt wasn't necessarily successful at bringing PSN down, but the subsequent need for massive maintanence was. Sony seems to have angered the hacker community pretty badly here, which is kind of stupid. If someone's bullying you and you stand up to that bully, you're not supposed to get beaten up by all his friends as well, the bulling's supposed to stop. All seems a little backward to me. And stopping millions of gamers play games they paid har-earned money for? It all just sticks in my craw.

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