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Daily News - 24th and 25th April 2011: Valve, E3 and PSN Update

Nintendo's Wii 2 Will Definitely Be "Playable At E3"!

And according to Nintendo that means it'll be playable by the public, on the show floor. This is pretty exciting news! I don't think I'm alone in saying that E3 press conferences have started to become a little stale recently, what with Microsoft and Sony's 10-years cycle in full swing really it's been down to Nintendo to go crazy. They did it last year with the 3DS, and they're doing it this year too. Good on 'em. Good or bad, this is definitely going to be the main talking point on E3, and if all the rumours about Wii 2 turn out to be true?.... It's gonna be a treat!

Are Valve Completely Done With Single-player Experiences?

That's a ridiculous headline. It even looks stupid to me, and I wrote it... But supposedly this was what was implid in a conversation between Gabe Newell (Valve's founder) and the Erik Johnson (Project manager). Game Journalist Geoff Keighley reported the news, saying that what he basically heard was that "Portal 2 will probably be Valve's last game with an isolated single-player experience". That's insane, right?!? I mean Portal 2 does contain seperate co-op, which is supposedly pretty great, but why remove the single player experience all together??? Especially when you're so good at it! Play to your strengths! Which for Valve is I guess everything...

Play well with others? No? Then consider yourself fuckedDoes PSN Have Your Credit Card Info? Then So Might Some Hackers!

Sony came out and that they have absolutely no idea if, when PSN was hacked, the hackers may have stolen your credit card details and/or peronal details. How much worse can this situation get at this point? Unless your Playstation 3 actually got up and actively punched you in the face, not much.

And now, for something a bit lighter...

Gearbox Helps Guy Get Married

This is awesome. A guy wrote to Gearbox Software (makers of Borderlands) and asked them if they might consider helping him propose to his girlfriend. Not expecting much, it turned out the guy got WAY more than he could have possibly imagined. Kotaku has the full story (link below) but to sum up, Gearbox actually made him an awesome video for him to propse with. The actual proposal is below, and gave me a pretty nice feeling of happy... until the post-proposal awkwardness sets in.

Full Story - Kotaku

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