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Daily News - 26th April 2011 - More PSN news and Zombies

Sony Confirm: Yes, Your Personal Details Belong To Hackers Now

While they still don't know who was behind it, they do know that it was very likely that those people now have personal data on every Playstation Network user. They have said they don't think any credit card data was stolen (gee, thanks Sony!) but that the information that was likely taken includes: Name, Address, Email Address, Birthday and your PSN login and password. Needless to say the announcement sent Sony's stocks plummeting, but it's not like they couldn't announce something like this. It's such a shame, I feel like (given the incredible circumstances) Sony are handling this extremely well, giving lots of updates and being honest about what's happened, but has too much damage been done? I hope not, for all you PS3 owners out there.

Sony's stocks after the announcement (yikes!) [image from Kotaku]New Zombie Trailer For Black Ops

Treyarch. You've gotta give them credit. Considering the reputation they seem to have gotten (as being the lesser of the 2 COD teams) they know when to get their balls out! This trailer shows the new zombie map included in the upcoming Escalation map pack and stars some absolute legends. I could write their names down but it'll be easier for you to actually believe if you just watch the trailer, below.

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