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Daily News - 27th April 2011

Bayonetta Developer Commentary Sounds Insane

Hideki Kamiya, the game's director, has decided to play the game all the way through and do commentary throughout. Considering the game is over 8 hours long and each video is gonna be roughly 10 minutes long, this thing could last a while!

Bayonetta Developer's Commentary

What a fantastic, insane gameRed Faction: Armageddon Demo May 3rd

I really enjoyed Red Faction: Guerilla, it was fun and different, so I'm pretty excited for the sequel. The demo hits on May 3rd, the demo will be set in an enemy-infested sewer with the player armed with a nice compliment of destructive weaponry. I'm looking forward to it.

Run bitch, run! He's behind you!!!Jurassic Park Adventure Game Delayed

The good and talented folks at Telltale have unfortunately been forced to push back the release of their adventure game based around the events of the first Jurassic Park film by a few months. All credit to them, they're delaying it to make it as good as possible and the game does look extremely promising. Just check out this clip, found with but a simple Youtube search. I really like the approach they're taking, and if, like me, you hold alot of nostalgia for the original it looks like it's pretty much made for you.

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