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Daily News - 3rd April 2011

Back To The Future - Episode 1 for free!

By far the coolest news of the day is that the first episode of Telltale's Back To The Future adventure game is now completely free. I'll admit I haven't played it yet (because my PC is a 4 year old pile of... stuff) but Giant Bomb's Quick Look has me more than convinced that it's worth ZERO POUNDS atleast!

If you wanna take advantage of the deal, then head to

"Your kids Marty! Something's gotta be done about your kids!"April Fool's Day!

Obviously, the 1st of April was April Fool's day and, obviously, the internet went wild. I'm not gonna sit here and list the best of the gaming industries April Fools day jokes... mainly because it's already been done, but what I will do is draw attention to by far my favourite. Destructoid decided to go simple but ingenious by going hand-drawn for a day. Follow the link below to see the awesomeness for yourself, hopefully the link will stay active for a while, because it deserves to be seen for, frankly, years to come.

Destructoid Goes Hand-Drawn

Skyrim Screens

Today (Or yesterday, depending on where you live) Bethesda released a few screenshots for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I'm sure you can find them for yourself with minimal Google searching but needless to say, they're damn pretty!

Sooooooooooo Pretty!

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