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Daily News - 28th, 29th and 20th April 2011 - PSN, Portal 2 and the Duke!

That's right, due to my near-endless ability to procrastinate it's a triple news post today! That is to say, there's only really been 3 cool news stories within the last 3 days... which isn't much. Also, Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat reviews forthcoming.

Duke Nukem Comic Coming In July - Titled "Glorious Bastard"

The comic contains the one and only Duke Nukem going back in time to help fend off an alien invasion in Nazi Germany. Obviously it's timed to come out at a similar time as Duke Nukem: Forever but it seems more interesting than your average cash-grab. Have a gander at the link below.

Duke Nukem Comic Announced

Hail to the fuhrer, baby!No PSN Credit Card Fraud Detected Yet

Spokemen from Mastercard and American Express have said that no illegal credit card activity has been detected in connection with the Playsation Network Outage. Good news then! Finally!

New Portal 2 DLC Announced!!!

Valve have whetted my appetite already, by announced DLC for Portal 2 due out . Valvse say it will contain a new challenge mode, test chambers, and leaderboards for both single and multiplayer and, best bit...

Will be completely free! Really, how can you argue with that?

Valve loves us so much!

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