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Daily News - 4th April 2011

Just realised that this is only for April 4th because I'm posting it after midnight. So that needs sorting out!

"Burnout: Crash" Accidentally Listed in Oz

Seems that Australia's Classification Board may have let a cat out of a bag by rating a game by the name of Burnout Crash as a PG in Australia. While the game hasn't been formally announced by EA yet, it has been a while since Burnout: Paradise made them quite a bit of money, so the timing checks out. I for one wouldn't say no to another Burnout game, let alone one with a focus on crashing... Mostly because when I play Burnout, the crashes are constant anyway.

When I play Burnout this is my default view

Wait, That's It?....

More or less yeah. Sundays are usually pretty slow news days, although one final cool thing for all you fellow 3DS owners out there. Kotaku brought this to my attention, it's screenshots from other games, that have been modified to be viewed in 3D using the 3DS's 3D screen. You can read the Kotaku article below for more information but for now, I need sleep!

Kotaku - This Left 4 Dead Screen Looks Awesome on the 3DS

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