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Daily News - 5th and 6th April 2011

PS3 Hackers Go After The Execs

In what I can only describe as petty bullying, those PS3 hackers from the other day have seemingly abandoned protesting constructively, and have instead decided to go after the personal details of various Sony executives. Now I'm all for fighting "The Man", but when you choose to do that by revealing his "marital status, age, place of address, education and even whether he has children" then you lose my vote. Not on.

Happy 15th Birthday Resident Evil! For Your Birthday, I Got You This Lockpick...

Hooray! Resident Evil is 15 years old! Well, maybe not exactly 15, I mean, I don't know if this is the exact date... look, they released this trailer. It's got Resident Evil in it!


The Sun Hates The 3DS

"Popular" UK newspaper The Sun has, for some reason, decided it hates the 3DS. Do they hate fun? Are they just trying to be controversial? Are they the Sith? At this stage I'm not prepared to rule any of these options out. According to The Sun the 3DS will increase your blood pressure and pulse, maybe even "damage circulation". You can find the full, ridiculous story below. If the "science" doesn't convince, that weirdos crossed eyes will!

Nintendo 3DS is game for a barf

Update: Just found this video, sums the situation up pretty well

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