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Daily News - 7th April 2011

Mass Effect Anime Coming In 2012

I love Mass Effect. I love good animated films. Hey guess what, those 2 things just had sex. Hey guess what, their babie's due in 2012. Hey guess what, I just pooed myself. In excitement. FUNimation Animated Feature Film Based On Mass Effect coming in 2012... incase I wasn't clear.

Mortal Kombat Internet Mini-series Starts Next Week

Incase you missed it the first time round, the original incarnation of this was a one-off proof of concept, made to show how awesome an original take on Mortal Kombat could be. Needless to say it exploded the internet and now, almost a year later, we get the actual series. This is exciting for 2 reasons: It's a version of the Mortal Kombat that's never even been dreamed before, and because it's a series with a video game as the basis that isn't going to be a massive pile of garbage. The original short that inspired the new series is below.

Japanese Earthquake Actually Kinda Maybe WON'T Delay The NGP...

Apparently Jack Tretton's quotes from earlier in the week didn't sit well with the big players at Sony, who today said "So far we see no impact from the quake on our launch plan" and flat out said Tretton's statement 3 days ago was completely wrong. So there you go, definitive end to the speculation. NGP won't be delayed for sure. *Cough* Yes... absolutely no way a game console's launch can get delayed...

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