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Daily News - 12th and 13th May 2011 - Mortal Kombat, Modern Warfare 3 and PSN News

Today's Daily PSN Update Of the Day, Today!

  • Edge have an interview with an anonymous manager of a UK-based retailer, in which they say that trade-ins on PS3s have risen by over 200 percent, with half of those taking the cash, the other half trading in for Xboxs. 
  • PSN has taken a baby step today, by letting the developer version of their service online, although lots of their accounts were lost in the outage.
  • The service has been out for 3 weeks, meaning game developers have lost 3 weeks of possible multiplayer testing (which is rigorous), probably pushing release dates back... or atleast affecting the quality of the multiplayer somewhat.

No doing this to strangers online yet!

Eidos Interactive Hacked - Resumes And Email Addresses Stolen

Adding to the shitstorm we've been forced to wade through recently, Eidos Interactive have unfortunately been accessed illegally and had some info taken. Among the information stolen are 350 resumes submitted for job positions and 25,000 email addresses from registered Eidos Interactive accounts. The resumes thing is the worst I think, imagine applying for a job you really want, and then finding out that your info was stolen... and then finding out you were 1 of 350 applicants and had basically no chance of getting the job anyway. That's a bad Friday the 13th.

Modern Warfare 3 Info Leaked - But No Spoilers Here

Details of the next Modern Warfare game have come to light, but are apparently filled with spoilers, so I've not delved too deeply into them. All I know thus far is that the game will follow directly on from MW2 and will take players to locales such as New York, Paris and London. Multiplayer will obviously be back and Spec Ops will make it's return. Other than that I wanna find out the rest when they actually officially announce the game at E3.

Modern Warfare 2 - The most successful mountain climbing simulator of all timeMortal Kombat "Finishes Him!"

Mortal Kombat beat out all competition in April, despite going up against Portal 2 and not being available on PC. The true order goes like this:

  1. Mortal Kombat
  2. Portal 2
  3. Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars
  4. Call Of  Duty: Black Ops (WHAT?!?)
  5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters
  6. Crysis 2
  7. Just Dance 2
  8. Michael Jackson: The Experience
  9. Pokemon: White
  10. NBA 2K11

Glad at that top 3, although personally I'd have preferred to see Portal and MK swapped round. Lego games still big in 2011, absolute dynamite!

Great game, one for the kids

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