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Daily News - 17th May 2011 - Sony 'Apologises' and Duke Nukem

Sony's "Welcome Back" Offer Not Going Down Too Well...

Turns out people aren't too thrilled with the free games Sony is offering. The list included such must-have titles as Little Big Planet and Infamous, which sounds good in theory, but the problem with must-haves is that lots of people have them already. Sony responded to people's unhappiness with the following slap-in-the-face:

"I’m really sorry that there is nothing there that you want. We’ve tried really hard to put together a list of high quality BD [Blu-ray disc] games, rather than simply offering cheaper PSN titles. The average metacritic rating for these games is over 84%, so these are high quality games. Unfortunately with a user base of 77m people, it is really hard to offer something for everyone."

- Nick Caplin: Head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Communications Division

Thanks for that Sony. Probably not the best time to be talking down to your users though...

Inamous for free is honestly a pretty sweet dealDuke Nukem: Forever Demo Less Than A Month Away!

So if you've pre-ordered Duke Nukem: Forever, good news! You get the Duke Nukem: Forever demo in 3 weeks! It's likely the rest of us will get it not too long afterwards aswell. Can you wait? Because I can't! Buying Duke Nukem 3D really gave me an appreciation for the stupid awesomeness of Duke Nukem so I'm pretty pumped for Forever.

He's done it all!

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