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Daily News - 19th May 2011 - No More Heroes and MORE Playstation Nonsense

No More Heroes Is Looking Good On The PS3!

I loved the original No More Heroes for the flawed madness that it was, and a HD version has me salivating, I may pick this up just to play it on my housemate's PS3. If you haven't played No More Heroes I highly recommend you do so when the games comes out on August 16th

"Travis Touchdown was here"Playstation Store Back Up Next Week. But Not.

Sony today sent out a lettter to it's content partners telling them to expect the store next week... and then promptly said "nawwwwwww". They're saying now that officially they don't have a specific date set... despite saying in their official letter than the store will have new releases "May 24, May 27, May 31 and June 3". Sony, you confuse the fuck out of me. I thought you handled the PSN recovery pretty well and with lots of transparency, so why all of a sudden be so unclear?

Things like this are why you're Super Meat Boy-less, Sony!

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