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Daily News - 20th May 2011 - Dragon Age 3, Mortal Kombat and Chucky?!?

L.A. Noire Does Not Overheat Xboxs According To Rockstar

Reports were coming in earlier in the week that L.A. Noire was crashing consoles, mostly PS3s but the odd 360 aswell. Rockstar blamed the latest PS3 firmware update begging the question why the Xbox version was also crashing. Well, Rockstar today said that it actually isn't crashing Xboxs... well, not properly. No more than any other game the size of L.A. Noire can crash a console. So there. Another unfortunate kick to the PS3 groin.

That. Is. Weird.Hey! Wanna Play A 'Child's Play' Game?!? Me Either!

It will be a downloadable stealth-based (umm, what?!?) game featuring Chucky himself. I'm not motivated enough to wanna know more than that, just thought you guys should know.

That's chucky, right?!?Play Mortal Kombat Online Without Downloading A Pass!

Only on the PS3 though. Warner Bros. say that until the PSN Store is up (and you can buy an online pass for yourself) you can just play the game online longer than the 2-day free pass they usually offer. What this basically means is that renting or buying a used Mortal Kombat is an awesome proposition for the next week or so, as you'll get loads of days on free online play! Woo!

FreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeDragon Age 3 Is A Thing That's Happening

Revealed via a Twitter hashtag last night from Senior Director of Creative Development Alistair McNally it turns out that Dragon Age is a thing that's happening. No more info exists yet, the game's clearly barely started yet, but still... It's happening!

Remember this... there's gonna be another one!

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