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Daily Lack Of News - 21st and 22nd May 2011 - But Hey, Still New Stuff To Read!

Not a terribly excited weekend in games, atleast not that I've noticed anyway, but we still have new stuff to read.

My awesome friend KENZI199 wrote an article about 3 great, lesser-known (and therefore cheap) DS games you can buy if you're finding the 3DS line-up as depressing as I am and I finally got round to writing a review of Mortal Kombat, late to the party I know but hopefully still welcomed in the front door instead of being shuffled round the side to be let in through the back.

metaphors analogous to my own childhood aside it should be business as usual tomorrow... who knows, maybe even business better than usual! Though probably not, if we're being honest.

Cult DS Classics: Supplementing The Poor 3DS Launch Line-Up - Part I

Mortal Kombat Review

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