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Daily News - 23rd May 2011 - Modern Warfare 3, Reboots, PSP and Arkham City News!

Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Debuts Tonight

Erm, to be honest I've done far too well with that headline. Pretty much summed the whole story up right there in the headline. I'm too talented.

[Update] No sooner had I posted today's update than the trailer showed up on the internet. Take a gander below!

PSN Still Down In Japan

Basically Sony just haven't given the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry enough info to make the Japanese government happy. They want more proof that Sony can be trusted with user's credit card information and that they can provide adequate compensation should another incursion occur. Tall order for Sony but I doubt it'll be long for Japan now.

Sony to kick off "PSP Remasters" with Monster Hunter 3 HD

Don't you just hate the PSP. So do Sony! But they love their PSP games, so they've decided to release them as downloadables on PS3! They're kicking it off with Monster Hunter which is MASSIVE in Japan (which doesn't have PSN yet...) and you can transfer the games between the PSP and PS3. All-in-all it's a smart move, especially because I hear alot of PSP games are very good (Monster Hunter, FFVII: Crisis Core etc.) so this tickles my fancy!

What the fuck is going on here2 Reboots In One Day?!?

News of reboots of Legacy Of Kain and Carmageddon sort of came to light today. The Legacy Of Kain reboot isn't certain (coming from information gleaned from a survey taken by somebody called "devrabbit" on a forum) but Carmageddon seems likely, with apparently an independent benefactor funding the project. Either way, expect info on these 2 games at E3... if there's anything to report that is.

What a smiley chap!Arkham City Gets Another Villain Added To It's Roster

The Penguin will be joining the ranks of Batman's rogue gallery in Arkham City! More super villains means more fun in my opinion, so I'm psyched about it. I admit he's hardly the most imposing of Batman's enemies but he's fiendish, I look forward to seeing hos they make him a worthy opponent to fuck-hard Batman.

This is the only image of him so far

Reader Comments (1)

Legacy of Kain reboot????????
Ive been waiting for the next installment for 7 years!!

May 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterScorn

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