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Daily News - 25th May 2011 - Ms. Splosion Man, A Deathspank Sequel and Square Enix

Ms. Splosion Man Co-op Beta Starts June 6th

A beta for an XBLa game?!? That's a pretty rare occurance right there, even rarer that it would be exclusively a co-op beta. Twisted Pixel know what they're doing though, being one of the most consistent developers on any of the downloadable services, they've pretty much not made a bad game yet. The best thing about this news is that they're wanting 10,000 players to test the game. 10,000 is a LOT. I really enjoyed the first Splosion and while a sequel may sound like more of the same doesn't mean I'm not gonna try and get in on this anyway... it's free!

I bet she explodes at some point...

Deathspank Sequel Is A Thing That's Happening

Named simple "The Baconing", the sequel to 2010's Deathspank (and Deathspank: Thongs Of Virtue) will feature lots of new characters and new weapons, kinda suggesting to me it will be set in a different area to the first game. Deathspank always looked to me like a game that wasn't as funny as it thought it was, and now legendary video game human being Ron Gilbert isn't even attached to the project my hopes aren't exactly high. The game will be out this summer... Which likely means I will be playing Earth Defence Force: Insect Armageddon instead of it.

I google searched Deathspank screenshot... This is one. I guess.

Square Enix To Release Brand New MMO Some Time In The Future

The information came out during their earnings call from May 13thCurrently information is sparse but what we do know is that the game won't be based on an established Square Enix property (so it's not Final Fantasy XV). Square Enix MMOs aren't doing too well at the moment, so I wish them the best of luck in not making a shitty game.

not to make presumptions, but expect it to look EXACTLY like this

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