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Daily News - 26th May 2011 - Kojima, MK, NGP And THAT Uncharted Movie

First Mortal Kombat DLC Tweeted By Ed Boon

According to Boon the first DLC for the game will be a collection of all the classic costumes for the characters aswell as the classic fatalities those costumes come with. This is awesome as the only way to get any of these was to pre-order the game from certain retailers, meaning that you could only really get 1 of these at a time. The costumes and fatalities are gonne be for Sub Zero, Scorpion, Ermac, Jade, Kitana, Mileena and Reptile. That's quite a lot of content for just 1 DLC pack, plus, this story is an excuse to post another Mortal Kombat screenshot!

LOVE IT!Kojima To Announce Secret Things At E3

At Konami's pre-E3 press conference this year expect a little something-something from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima! Plus, he said that on June 2nd there will also be a few surprises. It's logical to assume that it wont be Metal Gear Solid: Rising as the word "surprise" implies something nice and new. Well, whatever it is I'm sure I won't be able to follow the story for 2 seconds.

Rising does look cool though, wouldn't mind seeing some more of thatUncharted Movie Not Happening As (Shitly) Planned?????????

Director David O. Russell appear to have dropped out (FUCK YEAH!) and probably taken Mark Wahlberg with him (FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!). Apparently the director dropped out for another project because the film was gonna be too much trouble. Fuck him, the film's better without his terrible ideas. Just stick Nathan Fillion in the lead role and the rest will happen on it's own. OOH! An excuse to put a picture of Nathan Fillion up!

Like I NEED an excuseNGP Still Coming Out In 2011?!?

Sony seem to think so. The console definitely has promise, but it all depends on the price point, so E3 could be essential to NGP's buzz. If they price the console anything over $500 then they're probably screwed but an enticing price and Sony could steal the handheld market from the under-performing 3DS. Either way (and I know I keep saying it, but...) E3 is gonna be awesome!

It's shiny, let's hope it's also cheap!

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