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Daily News - 6th And 7th May 2011 - PSN Update And Gabe Newell Talks!

PSN Update!

I dunno how there continues to be new news about this, but here it is:

  • As of today it's been 17 days since PSN went down. That's a long time!
  • The European Playstation blog yesterday said that when the service finally comes back online, that Sony will offer you the choice of 2 PSP games and 2 PS3 games, you wont just get to choose from any games though, Sony will give you the choice out of five PS3 games and four PSP games.
  • Security expert Dr. Gene Spafford, testified against Sony, saying that for months, Sony knew their PSN security was out of date

Gabe Newell Eases The Pain

You might remember a few weeks ago it was reported that a source in Valve said that they wouldn't make any more single player games. Well, Gabe Newell wants you to know that that's not strictly true. Newell says what he meant by that was that nowadays gamers also have instant messaging, and Facebook accounts and they want to figure out a way of incorporating these social aspects into a single player experience, calling it SinglePlayer-Plus. He also basically said that they wouldn't have made Portal take place in the Half-Life universe if Chell and Gordon Freeman weren't gonna cross paths. This has me excited. VERY excited.

Oversized picture of Gordon Freeman? I don't need much of an excuse

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