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Daily News - 31st May 2011 - L.A. Noire DLC, Playstation Store News and NGP's Real Name Revealed!

YES! NEWS! Oh how I missed thee!...

Rockstar To Release L.A. Noire DLC Season Pass

So here's how it'll work, Rockstar will release 4 DLC cases for L.A. Noire, each one costing around £3, BUT, if you buy the "Season Pass" it'll only cost you £6 and you'll get all 4 of the extra DLC cases! Seems like a good deal to me! If they'd had one of these last year for Mass Effect 2 I would have been in on it no doubt, so if you're ultra passionate anout L.A. Noire then you're laughing! 2 cases ("A Slip of the Tongue." and "The Naked City.") will be released very soon, with "Nicholson Electroplating Disaster" following on June 21st and "Reefer Madness" wrapping it all up on July 12th.

"Did I get the spinach in my teeth?"Playstation Store Back Up By Week's End! So Say Sony! But Not If You're In Japan!

Seems like you'll be able to do pretty much everything, from browsing games, to buying games, to downloading demos, to redeeming voucher codes. Ofcourse, as stated in the headline, you'll be getting none of this if you're in Japan, as their government still isn't happy at Sony, but for all you other PS3 owners enjoy your downloads!!!

Why not treat yourself to Flower! (yes, that's a screenshot)

Vita. No, It's Not A Cream For Vaginal Dryness, It's Sony's Next Handheld!

Technically it's not actually been confirmed yet, but all sources point to the (now former) NGP transforming into the much more comical sounding Playstation Vita! For those who don't know already, the NGP will boast PS3(ish) graphics, a touch screen on the back and dual-analog sticks. Should be a pretty exciting console, though only history will tell if it turns out to be a success, especially going up against the 3DS. The pricing will be the key there, which we hope will come out at E3. That's right, it's my daily reminder that E3 is gonna be AWESOME!!!

Not pushing the boat out in terms of design, but it's a beastly machine underneath!

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